Tuesday, 10 July 2018


OK. Wow, that was a long silence.

I won't go into why I disappeared like that - suffice it to say that my career went quiet, and I struggled a bit, and I started asking myself existential questions like, why would I write a blog when I can't write anything else? (Which is balanced by the equally sensible question, why would I write a blog when I could be writing something else? which rather highlights my reluctance to blog in the first place... Anyway.) In a nutshell, I threw up my hands (metaphorically) after a couple of years and said to myself, right, I am GIVING UP, I am now going to write something ENTIRELY FOR MYSELF and FORGET ABOUT IT BEING COMMERCIAL. So I did.

In the way these things often work, it turned out to be (apparently) quite commercial.

Also, it's an adult book, which means a lot of my friends acquaintances are now saying complimentary  annoying things about 'proper' books. Hmph. (But not HMPH, because to be fair I am quite pleased about this whole development and it would be ungrateful to be too precious.)

So let me introduce: The Binding

For those of you who enjoy slash... well. Hope you like it. ;)

There will, no doubt, be more to follow - but I wanted to share my news with you. After all, you're part of the reason I kept writing, rather than jacking it all in completely. So thank you.

If you are in the US and would like a (beautiful!) proof-copy, email me. (The usual, brcollins999[at]btinternet.com.) I can't promise anything but might be able to cadge a few for a worthy cause...

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